Countdown to Christmas!

I don’t mean to alarm you, buuuuuuuuuut……. There are only three months until Christmas! I know, whatever, that feels like a lifetime. I thought so, too. Then I realized that means I pretty much only have two months to order supplies and get crackin’ on all the handmade artisan gifts I have in mind for friends and family if I want to ship them at less-than-first-born-child mailing rates….. So, yeah, I put your holiday stocking stuffer classes on the calendar. Long-time favorite holiday workshops like gifts tags and ornaments, fizzy bath bombs, amazing cocoa butter “tub truffles”, and scented aromatherapy tea lights are all on the Untamed Classroom’s calendar for you to discover, make, and share as stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, or “thank you’s” this holiday season–there are even a couple of new workshops to get you busy with your little elves making magic before the holidays.

These holiday stocking stuffer classes always fill up fast so now would be an excellent time to secure your seat at the blending table!

Each class will give you hands-on experience blending essential oils and crafting them into unique gifts–and you keep everything you make! And, as always, our take-aways are always worth more than your registration in the Untamed Classroom. Your registration fee is always less than the value of the materials you will create and receive.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not to share your aromatherapy creations with others as holiday gifts or use them to indulge yourself in aromatic delight.

Holiday SpicesEach class features a variety of essential oils and custom blends. Individual oils included are uniquely relevant to the season (think cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and peppermint) while others are beloved, premium essential oils that are sure to delight any recipient (think rose, orange blossom, jasmine, and sandalwood to name but a few…)

Register early to secure your spot in all four workshops and make yours an artisan, handmade holiday! I’ll be giving a special discount to folks who enroll in all of the holiday stocking stuffer courses, too….


untamed classroom register now button tub trufflesBath melts, also known as bath candy or “tub truffles”, are unbelievably delicious treats for your body! The organic base butters and oils hydrate and coat your skin leaving you covered in delicious scents. We’ll be using pure cocoa butter for our tub truffles so they begin with a yummy chocolate fragrance to boot! Add Sandalwood & Rose, Vanilla & Lavender, Orange Blossom & Sweet Orange, or Frankincense & Myrrh essential oils to create exquisite “candies” that melt when you add them to your hot bath water!


untamed classroom register now button ornamentsHandmade gift tags are a special touch at the holidays–they become even more lovely when coupled with the fragrance of essential oils… You can choose to make scented felt items that can be attached to gifts as specialty tags, hung individually as ornaments, or strung together in a series to make a fragrant garland for your hearth or tree.


untamed classroom register now button bath bombsFabulous fizzy bath bombs are incredibly fun and easy to make! Bath bombs are pure delight and all natural Just drop one in the tub and watch it fizz and foam as it releases its skin-nourishing and aromatic ingredients. Imagine soaking the with precious Sandalwood & Rose, delicious Vanilla & Lavender, uplifting Sweet Orange & Lime, or exotic Jasmine & Ylang Ylang. Keep them as a treat for you or stuff them into stockings for favorite friends and family. Wonderful as hostess gifts!


untamed classroom register now button tea lightsOnce you have experienced the unparalleled aroma of a pure beeswax candle with essential oils you will never spend your money on another paraffin or soy candle again. Genuine beeswax candles have a faint, sweet aroma of honey; they are also much harder (and burn much longer) than those made of other waxes. Add aromatic essential oils

The holidays means there will be hot mulled cider and holiday treats for participants, too! Sign up today–hope to see you soon in the Untamed Classroom!