About The Untamed Workshop

Where Untamed Alchemy comes to life

Created and curated by The Untamed Alchemist, Kristina Bauer, The Untamed Workshop offers participants a chance to explore, experience, and employ the principles of Untamed Alchemy firsthand.Workshops are designed to educate and empower individuals in how to meaningfully – and safely – engage aromatics, herbs, oils, food, archetypes, and magical alchemy for a thriving Self.

The Untamed Workshop offers many different kinds of learning experiences from two-hour workshops creating floral magic from the summer garden to full-day workshops stocking an inspired fall pantry or creating a winter wellness cabinet.

Or, dive heart-first into the work of transformational alchemy with a workshop on creating everyday magic to honor the seasons, engage the elements, or make magic in your kitchen.

All Untamed Workshop experiences encourage meaningful exploration, curious engagement, contemplative work and deep self-care – all of which are reflected in course takeaways both tangible and intangible.

Participants in Untamed Workshop experiences come away with handmade products, bespoke blends, printed booklets and pdfs, crafts, creations, recipes, and complete reference materials.