About your facilitator

The Untamed Alchemist is Kristina Bauer: a passionate storyteller and inspired facilitator with over 20 years experience training and working with essential oils, herbs, archetypes, symbology, liberation theology, and magical alchemy.

KB Head Shot IIA reverent aromatic celebrant, energetic teacher, grateful innocent, creative infidel, and joyful soul, Kristina is also a writer and healer. She delights in the magic and inspiration found in culture and nature, art and science.

Kristina’s lifelong fascination with herbs, essential oils, magic, and symbology has driven her to pursue a unique and diverse education in Mother Earth chemistry, folklore, mythology, women’s studies, religion, lore, and ritual, all of which inform her work as a as a writer, healer, instructor, distiller, creatrix, craftswoman, and steward. Connecting people with nature, magic, and old world wisdom–especially the power of essential oils and herbs–is her passion.

Kristina holds a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies and Religion. Her alma mater, the University of Redlands, afforded her the opportunity to create a unique major through their Johnston Center program. Her resulting experience provided her with a unusual education in a combination of women’s studies, religion and spirituality (with express emphasis on the occult), Mother Earth chemistry, mythology, and symbology.

In addition to her studies at university, Kristina has actively pursued continuing education with a wide variety of celebrated teachers across a broad spectrum of subjects and disciplines.

With the understanding that every teacher is a student and every student is a teacher, Kristina delights in participating in and contributing to learning environments.

In essential oils, herbs, hydrosols, alchemy, theology, mythology, distillation, symbology, and divination, she has over 2,000 hours in continuing education–and she’ll be the first to tell you she considers herself a beginner as the learning never ends.

Kristina lives with her Beloved on their biodynamically-inspired hobby farm. Together they serve as stewards to gardens and greenhouses along with numerous and varied critters; you can find her musings on her blog, The Untamed Alchemist.